Q: We are looking at doing a fairly large addition to our small 1930’s home and we are having a very hard time trying to figure out how to fit the a/c units and duct work in. we are thinking about maybe doing a vertical unit? are vertical units better or worse than the horizontal units? do you have a preference?

The question of a Vertical or Horizontal unit is an important one. When space permits, the horizontal application is the best approach. A horizontal slab coil with an adjustable thermal expansion valve allows for a colder coil, which will dehumidify and cool the home much better. Also, the horizontal coil application will have an emergency pan directly under the coil to catch overflow. They can be cleaned and serviced much easier than upflow coils.

Upflow coils are very difficult to access for cleaning. The design does not allow for the aggressive cooling and humidity control required along the gulf coast. The basic design has the evaporator coil placed on top of the furnace, so any overflow falls down onto the furnace. However, a good upflow installation is better than a tight limited service application with horizontal equipment. Installation and quality work matter in performance, not just if the systems has a vertical or horizontal unit!!