Customer comments about Central City Air. These are actual customers’ comments from customer surveys.

We would like to thank all of our customers who had such wonderful things to say about our company and look forward to pleasing new and existing customers in the future.

I’ve been a customer for 25 yrs … it started when my outside unit stopped working (it was 3 yrs old). One company wanted to sell me a new outside unit, another company wanted to sell me a new outside fan. Central City gave over and in 3 min told me I have good news and bad news. Good news, its a $10 relay part, bad news I have to charge you for a 30min service call — but I’ll check out the unit during that time. That WOW’ed me. I talked with the original owner David and he’s the first AC guy I’ve talked to who understands heat transfer (being a chemical engineer, I understand it too). They have gone above and beyond with service. Linda is great in emergencies. Building my third house and will continue to use them.

Dear Suzanne Debien,
These days it is more important than ever to give credit where credit is due. I did not feel a simple telephone call was enough to express how grateful I feel to have a person like Ian to take care of our A/C & Heating needs with total trust for over a decade.

It is rare to find an employee that represents your ideals at such a high level. You could not have found a better person to represent your company. Ian is simply the reason for my loyalty to CCA.

Thank you for the years of excellent affordable service provided by your company. Thanks to Ian for making that a reality.

Warmest Regards,
“Mr. M.”

As a look time customer of Central City Air once again I was reminded of your great service. You provide not only service to my residence but also to my rent houses. Last night @ 7 pm my tenant called to report that her AC was out. After looking for any obvious problems (breaker, batteries in thermostatic, etc.) I called into your after-hours desk. Within 15 min I was contacted and was given a status on the repairman’s (Mike) schedule, after further discussion with my renter it was decided they needed the AC repaired as they had no other options. Your dispatcher called me back and said she would call me when the repairman was on the way. She updated me and Mike repaired the system and my tenant said it was cold by 11 pm that night., she and her family were very happy. Thanks again for the great service by the people at Central City Air.

Central City Air is the only AC company that I trust to maintain our two systems. I once told one of their service techs that no one touches our AC systems except CCA.

Great service and products.

Thank you for rapidly replacing my old A/C unit. Your repair man was very helpful in diagnosing problem and giving me my options.

Your team has come through for me each time they were here.

Ian was very professional and friendly – an asset for your company

Service was great from start to finish.

There was nothing wrong with our A/C but noticed a leak in our water heater and advised me to contact a plumber.

[Our tech] was extremely polite. He couldn’t have fit another “Yes, Ma’am” into his sentences.

Did a great job!

Called approx. 6 PM on Saturday. Return phone call approx 8-10 min later, very quick I thought!

Give my technician a raise he’s terrific!! Thanks to all of you.

We are very satisfied with our system.

We have used Central City Air exclusively and you have replaced all heat and air equipment. Including ductwork and we are completely satisfied.

We appreciate his honesty and explanations.

He did a great job explaining all he did, how things work, etc. Nice guy, professional job.

They called to let me know the service person could come earlier. That was great customer service.

We really do appreciate how you conduct business and we have confidence in you. Each time we have contact with someone from Central City that we have used before, it reinforces our confidence level. Thank you for taking care of our problem so quickly last Tuesday, the 19th of June.

We are really grateful to have Central City available to us. We know that when your people show up, our HVAC problems will soon be solved. Your guys did a beautiful job, just as we anticipated they would. The house is cool and comfortable– for the first time in the four years that we’ve been here. And, they must have reduced the noise level by at least 80%. And, thanks to you personally Brian. It’s good to have you in our home any time.

Central City is great to work with and have had no issues with any of our Lennox products.

Brian and his team were great! I am very pleased with their service. Brian took a lot of time to answer all of my questions and explain the advantages of one system over another.

I was impressed with y’all’s depth of knowledge, willingness to explain your proposal, detailed information on the website, attention to detail, and focus on quality. Keep up the good work! I will refer you to anybody I know.

The estimates are very informative; appreciate the way you include an explanation as to why you are recommending the specified solution.

We have used Central City for a number of years and I recommend them to everyone. The service is prompt and they have never had to come back again for a problem. I trust the company will give me excellent service and we especially like the new Lennox unit we have had installed. The gradual cooling acceleration really works great. We have added insulation, had the attic sprayed with the insulating paint, and now with the new unit, we are very happy with our life-saving cooling during this extreme heat. The electric bills are much lower also. I hope my neighbor, who is staying in LaQuinta over the 4th because is A/C is out and his repairman can’t seem to get it right calls Central City like I told him to.

The estimates are very informative; appreciate the way you include an explanation as to why you are recommending the specified solution.

Everything was done professionally, with a detailed quote specifically written around my home’s issues and quality installation.

Was the System Design Consultant polite and courteous? – More than! I was impressed. You and your team were great! I would recommend you to all in my neighborhood and office.

Was your SDC above to answer your questions? – All of the questions, Brian is great. Great customer service.

Everything was handled perfectly and in a professional yet friendly manner.

You were all amazing and I appreciated the follow-up call by Suzanne Debien.

You guys have been wonderful in every way.

Keep up the amazing work. You have a wonderful team of people!

It would have been nice to have an addressed envelope attached to return this survey. Part of our new web design will be a place for our customers to fill out the survey’s directly from our website. **UPDATE** you can now fill out an online survey.

Your current system is very good, no changes!

All explained in detail about pros and cons of replacement alternatives.

Everyone was very courteous, upbeat and efficient at their tasks. We continue to use Central city Air because we like dealing with companies who retain their employees. Brian Designed our media filter/fresh air return several years ago and I think we’ve talked to Wanda several times at check-up time. We feel confident we’re getting great service.

I had him come 2 times to revise the design and answer my questions.

You are a first rate organization.

Very detailed and informative.

Your guys were curtious, quick, and did a terrific job both on the installation and on the clean up. Thank you so much for your quick follow through and making this all work in our schedule. You are the best, just like our neighbors keep telling everyone you are!

The people at Central Air went far above our expectations. In the design and estimating phases they were extremely helpful, informative and knowledgeable. The installation team is superb. Ever evening the house was totally cleaned and left immaculate. The transfer of equipment, despite the bulk and weight was efficient and problem free. Above all the installation of the equipment was over the top. Air ducts were re-arranged into a neat orderly system. The equipment was installed leaving the sites with more room, cleaner, and with much better access for service. All in all the “after” is much more superior in every way. The equipment is running fine…quietly and effectively.

The installation went very efficiently.

I work with and schedule technicians and work in the industrial field. Your guy were great!!

Keep doing what you do.

The installation crew was very professional. They worked quietly and efficiently and were very polite. They are excellent employees! They did a great job!!!

Appreciate the quick turnaround.

Mr. Sanchez does excellent work. Knowledge of how to do it and presents himself and crew.

When you are hot – speed is important. Thank you for your speedy response.

Wonderful job from every angle.

Awesome! [The home] feels so much cleaner! We love Central City Air!

Perfect gentlemen – all four. [They] laid clothes on floor – did not bump any walls or cupboards as requested.

Wanda was efficient and client friendly.

I appreciate sending as much crew as you did to get things done quickly. I would have hated a long week of installation.

A second crew came at mid-day and together the four of them finished the job in one day when I had expected it would take at least 1 ½ or 2 days. We very much appreciated that.

I can’t say too much about . They were very clean, polite and even when I told them to help themselves to water and ice from the refrigerator door, were reluctant to do so. This is one of the best installation crew we have ever had in our home. When asking about their time with Central City …he spoke very positive about the training he receives from the company. He said they are always given training and anything else they need. He also said he had beenw ith the company for several years. This information tells me he is happy working at Central City, which to me the consumer is someone who is going to do a good job.

Crew 23 was AWESOME!!!

[The crew members were] very nice, professional and knowledgeable.

[The system] worked fine for about 1-½ weeks! Then it quit – required replacement of expansion valve. It is rare that we ever get a bad expansion valve; fortunately we were able to fix it.

I am very pleased. The crew was courteous, respectful of property and professional – I thank you all.

Very professional – the installation crew was outstanding!

To everyone at Central City Air,

I am so pleased with my recent installation. The vent in my living room that barely trickled air blows a breeze that I can feel across the room. The pull switches on my ceiling fan were swaying in the breeze. I’m looking forward to a cool and comfortable living room this summer. I must also commend the installation crew. They took every precaution to protect my flooring and furnishings and they cleaned every last speck of debris from their work before they left. Thanks so much for the excellent design and professional installation.

To Central City Air:

On 6-30-09 with temperatures at 100 degrees, I called your place of business at 8:00 AM talked to one of the girls, they got back to me and said someone would be out this afternoon. Then 1:00 PM your office girls called and said repairman would be there in an hour. He showed up, fixed the unit – very professional this was all within 8 hours. We both would like to thank you and your office staff and technician.


Good afternoon. I wanted to let you know that I have filled out your survey and it will be coming back to you shortly.

I wanted to take a minute to let you know how pleased Tommy and I are with you, your company and your employees. As you well know, we had a mess on our hands. Your folks came in and told what we needed and the best way to get it done. Brian went above and beyond. He took the time to explain the things that we didn’t understand as well as offering extra little suggestions and pieces of advice to help us achieve our ultimate goal.

Your staff was always friendly and polite every time I contacted your office.

I am always mindful of the crews that I let into my home. Having two little ones, it’s especially important to know who is coming in and out. Every time Brian was in the house he always took the time to speak to and/or listen to my kids… and they always had something to tell him. Your crew was the same. They were all every friendly to the kids. They were respectful of their space, but took the time to speak to them, listen to them and/or interact with them. I appreciated that very much.

Everyone at Central City made the cleanup of our little mess so much easier and we really appreciate that. Please tell everyone at CCA, thanks from both Tommy and me and please feel free to list us as a reference for your future customers.

Thanks again.

Dear Suzanne,

A few Saturdays ago I called CCA about a person who was having a/c problems. This person has been a customer of my handyman business for a number of years. He called me that morning asking for help with a non-running a/c. I didn’t think I could help him but I knew who probably could. I called your office and left a message and was pleasantly surprised when you returned my call quickly. (I was not sure if CCA offered Saturday service.) I called and told him your company would be contacting him.

I understand that when the technician came to the house the system was frozen and needed time to thaw out before the problem could be diagnosed and repairs made. Thank you for helping new customer on such short notice.


A continuing customer


Just a small note of thanks for your help. I appreciate the responsiveness and especially the professionalism and service, outstanding service that Ian provided inspecting the a/c system in my new home.

Thanks again.

Suzanne Debien

Central City Air

Dear Suzanne,

I just want to restate how happy my wife and I are with the “state of the art” air and heating system your company installed in our home. And, like the system, your employees were wonderful.

When the inspector from the city of sugar land was at our home, he stated to my wife that it was the “best installation he had ever seen.”

Attached with the check for the air filters you will find a sheet showing our cost of electricity for 2006. I have included the bills from Reliant to support the numbers. I am sure that many people will find these figures hard to believe. Lastly, our home is about 2,580 sq. ft.

“The best is the cheapest if you can afford it”

Thank You.

Suzanne Debien

Central City Air

Dear Suzanne,

We want to personally thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty in dealing with our HVAC issues in a prompt and professional manner.

In today’s climate, it’s hard not to be cynical about companies practicing customer satisfaction as well as they preach it. Having said that, Central City Air has revitalized our belief that there are still business owners who still believe in keeping their promises of putting the customer first. We just want you to know that you will always have us as a customer and we will continue to tell others about your fine company. Comfort has been the hallmark of Central City Air, and comfort is what my family is experiencing. Keep up the good work.

I am writing to express my satisfaction with the HVAC equipment installed in my home last month. I would like to commend you and your employees for making this such a pleasant experience.

I was referred to Central City Air by some friends who had used your services in the past. They had very good things to say about the work you did for them, and insisted that I call you for an estimate. After getting proposals from two other contractors I must say that your bid, though not the cheapest, stood out from the others and well exceeded my expectations.

From my initial consultation with Mr. Brian Dietzmann, I knew that I was talking to a knowledgeable person and a reputable company. Brian spent about an hour inspecting my existing system, taking notes and photographs. His proposal was very thorough and he took extra time explaining why the changes he was suggesting were necessary, while not pressuring me into buying anything. Neither of the other contractors spent the amount of time and effort that Brian did in making sure I understood everything that was involved with replacing the system.

The installation crew led by Rodolfo was excellent. They worked efficiently and very carefully. My installation occurred in the first week of December just as a cold front came into Houston. Thinking that I wasn’t going to have any heat for a few days after my old furnace had been removed, I was pleasantly surprised coming home from work on Wednesday night when sitting in my den I heard the new furnace start up. I later learned from Rodolfo that he and his crew had temporarily installed the new furnace and taped in some ductwork that day so that I could have heat two days before final job completion. This is just an example of how conscientious your employees are, and I trust that you will continue to consider them appropriately.

I sincerely thank you and Central City Air for providing such excellent service…keep up the good work! I will not hesitate to provide references regarding my pleasant experience with your company.

I could not have asked for a more prompt and professional response from anyone with the company. Everyone (from the receptionist to the crew) went above and beyond any expectation I had. Thanks.

I am very pleased. The crew was courteous, respectful of property and professional – I thank you all.

Mr. David Debien

520 Thornton Road

Houston, Texas 77018

Dear Mr. Debien:

We recently had a Lennox system installed in our home approximately two weeks ago. I wanted to let you know personally about the exceptional service by your staff. We had various interactions with . [The Install Coordinator] was extremely respectful, pleasant and patient with me answering numerous inquires that I had by phone – despite my actually already having answers to these same questions in the paperwork provided to me by the installers. I just hadn’t read it yet.

[My Salesman] was very detailed in explaining our options to replace our equipment – something I appreciated being an engineer. He treated my wife respectfully in answering her questions and speaking directly to her. And we will not forget how after he recharged our system he told us he would come out as often as needed till we made a decision because it was important that we make “a good decision on our time” and not feel forced into making a decision because of unbearable/uncomfortable conditions in our home. At one point I was hesitant to select Central City Air because of higher cost, and I subsequently called to discuss the issue. He sold me as he carefully highlighted (again) the differences between your systems and a typical system installed by others.

Finally, I want you to be particularly aware that installers…did an outstanding job installing our new system. Despite working in hellish conditions, they were always courteous and took great care to not damage anything moving equipment in/out. [Our installers] made great efforts to accommodate us and to make certain that we were happy with the system being installed and how it was being installed. We never felt like he was cutting corners but rather that Central City Air was doing exactly what they told us they would do. On the last day I had to leave a few hours before the crew was done. Upon completion, took some extra time to show my wife all of what was done in the attic, and then to explain to her how to operate the system. This extra effort was appreciated by both of us. Thanks.

We have already had a chance to compare experiences with a couple of other neighbors as everyone has had the same underlying problem with substandard evaporator coils that leaked prematurely (all houses are less than 7 years old). We may have paid a bit more but there is absolutely no comparison in terms of design recommendations/options, the quality/craftsmanship of the installation, and what we got for the money spent. You have a great group of folks working for you – and we would ask you to let them know we recognized it.

Your men were here on Aug 13 to put in a new coil and some other work that you usually do with coil replacement. It is working GREAT! Our best friends also had a coil problem. Unfortunately they do not use you (even though I have tried!) They use [Company name withheld] (they also installed ours in our new home!–not our choice!) Our friends are out of town for the summer and [Company name withheld] was supposed to be there at 8:00 this morning. At 8:15 I called them from our friends house and was told it would be 10:00 as they needed to go get some equipment! So, I came back home. As I was pulling in my garage my cell phone rings and [Company name withheld] says they will be there in 30 mins! So, back I go! At 9:20, I called again and was told it would be about 5 more minutes—it was 9:40 before they got there! They did not have “quilts” to protect the white carpet and I made them take off their shoes and put them back on when in the attic! The replaced coil was the “A” shaped one not like the one you so kindly replaced for us! They were there about two hours! As I was cleaning up their mess I noticed rust spots on the carpet! I just want you to know how much we appreciate all that your crews do. No one does it as good as Central City! Thank you for doing the kind of professional and honest work you do! I am so grateful we do not use [Company name withheld]. Oh, our friends have 3 units and two have already had replaced coils and this one today was the second time it had to be replaced and the home is only 4 years old! Our home is 5 years old!

Thank you again,

[Customer name on file]

Dear David:

Thank you for the recent job completed by central City Air. Everyone from the salesman to the two crews performed their jobs above and beyond.

It is a pleasure to pay hard earned money to fine companies who do exceptional work!

Have a healthy, happy and highly prosperous 2003! Thanks again.


It’s been nine months since my new system was installed, and I just wanted to tell you that I’m very pleased with the system. My allergies seem to be much better and the humidity has been running around 48 – 50% when the system is running.

There are still people out there that you haven’t reached yet. I met a guy at Home Depot and got to talking about mold growth. He was remodeling his house because of mold problems, and blamed the mold on the loose construction of his house. When I asked him about his humidity levels, he had no idea what they were at. He then told me that he had a 5 ton coil and a 3 ton compressor and was very pleased with his electric bills. Believe me that’s what he told me. Now if any contractor would put a 5 ton coil with a 3 ton compressor I don’t know, but he said his electric bills were $100 a month.

Anyway, thanks again for the great work your guys did.

Central City Air

520 Thornton Street

Houston, TX 77018

Subject: Recent Services

To Whom It May Concern:

As a result of a lightning strike, two of my air conditioning units were damaged. I’ve heard numerous experiences of others in their dealings with Central City Air and as a result of the lightning; I was in a position where I needed some help.

Simply stated; the knowledge, professionalism, pleasant and positive attitudes of all I came in contact with is incredible. On time, fair price, completed properly, follow up, etc. was perfectly executed.

Particularly, I want to thank Jay Galloway for his excellent efforts in making my three year old air conditioners perform better than when they were new. Also, reviewed some ductwork issues and provided some enhancement suggestions that clearly will provide system, operational improvements. Karen and Holly, with their scheduling and follow up involvement, are also appreciated.

Central City Air, composed of folks such as Jay, Steve, Karen and Holly, exemplify what perfect service is all about. Thank you to everyone!

Just a note of thanks for the superior work that you performed on our home AC system. I do not believe our home has been this comfortable in the eight years we have lived here. The air quality is truly outstanding.

David, it has been two weeks since installation was completed and our 5-year old daughter has only taken 2 Claritin tablets in those two weeks. Previously it was a daily tablet that she was taking. Everything you have said regarding air quality and humidity control is true. Central City air will be the only AC contractor I recommend to friends and family.

Thanks again.

Dear David:

I must ask you to forgive me. You responded immediately to my needs. But I’ve taken so long to write and thank you.

I have a “mold problem” in my house. De-humidification is imperative. And so, when my A/C failed, right at closing time (around 5pm), I called several A/C companies near to my house hoping they might come out. “No”, they all told me.

Then I thought, “Call Central City Air. They’re far away, but they’re shortly going to be installing a new system for me. They might be willing to help.”

Wow David! You guys certainly did help. You sent Jay out, who fixed the problem (it was more involved than my original diagnosis) right away, checked out the system, pronounced that he thought it would continue to live until CCA gets the new system in, and then…didn’t charge me a cent!

Thank you very much David. Not just for the quick service, nor for solving my problem without charging me. Thank you for caring. Thank you for having pride in your company. Thank you for having the courage to go against the grain, providing service far beyond what the “majority” would do. Thank you for being there when guys like me, and my wife, need your help.

I look forward to getting my new CCA installation.

Dear David:

One year ago Central City Air installed an Amana air-conditioning and heating system in our home and replaced our air-duct system. We have been completely satisfied with the units and the installation work.

Initially after completion we had problems with hot and cold rooms in our two-story house – as we have in the past. However, with the adjustable vent controls, and Mitch’s experience in setting them, we can now make the house comfortable all year. After owning the home for 29 years this is the first time we are completely comfortable.

I chose Central City Air after hearing Tom Tynan’s recommendation. His past recommendations regarding siding, roofing and painting all paid off, so Central City was a natural choice. Thanks for the free Tom Tynan newsletter subscription.

Mr. David Debien

President, Central City Air

Dear Mr. Debien:

This is a letter of appreciation for the services of our salesman. [He] came to our home on August 30, 2001 and did a thorough and careful job of analyzing our air conditioning system. I learned a great deal from him personally and from the literature he provided. I would like to commend him to you, because he did an excellent job of representing Central City Air.

After carefully reviewing his recommendations, along with other concerns, we have decided on another approach to solving our humidity problem. The enclosed check is in appreciation of his efforts. Thank you for making him available to us.

Central City Air

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your company for an exceptional job at my house. The workers were professional, careful and thorough. They cleaned up everything and took away the old unit and ducts. Your inspector was very knowledgeable and checked out everything.

So far, the unit is operating beautifully and my daughter’s family is very comfortable.

The best part was when the city inspector came. He stood on the cat walk upstairs, surveyed the whole unit and proclaimed it the neatest, cleanest, best air conditioning job he had yet inspected. He was even impressed with the fact that you had raised the unit more than the required 3 inches high outside.

And , convinced me that I had chosen the best unit and the right company to install it.

Thank you again.

Mr. David Debien

Central City Air

Dear Sir:

I had to drop you a note to let you know how very pleased my wife and I have been with our relationship with Central City Air. Since September 1999 we have had ongoing discussions and work with your company in correcting the poor quality and design of our builders grade air conditioning system. I don’t want to say the name or the builder, but it starts with a “P” and ends with a “ulte”. Brian Dietzmann has been very patient in examining the problems and explaining the solutions to us.

This past week we had your company re-do our entire upstairs AC system. Your workers were in my attic from 10am to 8pm. The next afternoon, rather than coming home to an upstairs that was 87 degrees, it was a comfortable 75. The upstairs unit even shut down at 6pm, having reached its temperature. That upstairs AC hasn’t done that forever! We are used to it being very hot until 11pm or so.

Needless to say, we are very happy with your system analysis and customer service. I have already recommended you to all of my coworkers and will not hesitate to do so in the future. Feel free to use me in any testimonials you may need as you see fit. We wish you continued successes in your field.

Dear Brian – Just want to express how wonderfully satisfied my husband and I are with Central City Air’s work to reduce the noise from our AC unit. We have gone from it sounding like a train is going though our hallway to virtually no noise whatsoever! We are so excited to have this issue resolved after others told us there was no good solution. Your expertise and quick, clean work is very much appreciated. Please pass along to Suzanne our thanks as well. Take care!

I highly recommend CCA. I was quoted $6,000 to replace my unit by John Moore. CCA Technician Ian was able to fix it for $300!!!He saved me $5,700!! Thank you Suzanne, Ian and Tiffany for your outstanding customer service!


Been meaning to write back to Central City about my experience with the new system your firm installed at my home. Since the weather has not given me a chance to really test the system yet, although so far the “feel” in the house is great, I will leave the results read out for August/September. But, the crew, along with Jack’s design, was first class. The young man that was the foreman of the crew really knows his stuff. I really wish I had taken pictures of the mess I had up in the attic before your guys made it look amazing! A much cleaner install and done correctly. I was so enthused…I took a few pictures. Once again, great job!!!

Hi, there! First, I want to compliment you on your crew… Wow, very professional and neat and clean in their work. They were also very polite and informative about the new equipment, and I could tell that they knew their stuff. You, and they, are to be complimented highly. It is rare nowadays, in my opinion, to be completely happy with workmen, and we certainly were, and are.

We would like to thank all of you at Central City Air who have been involved in any way thus far with our proposal. Each of you has shown professionalism, patience and genuine concern for our needs as consumers. This is a rare commodity these days and it is especially refreshing to experience this in an area we perceive ( correctly or not) to be fraught with incompetence. Brian clearly knows his products and has been willing to go the extra mile for us; and it has been gratifying to receive those follow-up calls and e-mails from Suzanne. Finally, it appears that Carin works sort of like a traffic manager for all of you and keeps the ball rolling in a positive direction.

If the installation and product performance itself is as professional and competent as all of you have been to date, we have no doubt that our choice of Central City for what to us is a major job and big investment, will have been a great one.

Hi Suzanne. I’m devastated that #2107 wasn’t the big winner in the contest! But, time marches on and summer is officially arriving in Houston. My new a/c and heating system is working beautifully. I compare my monthly bill with my neighbor’s. His house is a similar size, and he’s gone a lot more than I am, and my bill is always 20 to 30 percent lower. I think it’s all about the heat pump!

But as David would always say to us, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!” I turned my a/c on yesterday and of course it’s running (and cooling) beautifully. But, I realized, it’s been in for 5 months or so and I should probably put in a new filter. Do I need to buy those from you (which of course would allow me to drive to Thornton to see everyone), or can I buy one of the 4 inch pleated filters that are now available at Home Depot?

Your happiest client,


Mrs. Debien,

I just wanted to thank you for your speedy response and personal phone call yesterday in response to my problem. Also, as promised I received a phone call to arrange an appointment for a technician to take a look at my unit a little before 9:00 am this morning which was terrific. In a time when many companies will make you wait for days and days and days even though you have a urgent problem (or what you as novice believe to be an urgent problem) or have been a long standing loyal customer, it meant a lot to me that you and your company responded so quickly to my problem. I greatly appreciate and I know my family does as well. Thank you again.


I wanted to give you a little unsolicited feedback on my CCA experience. First, I hope that you are proud of the crew you sent to our house. This team not only did a great job (I’ll get to that in a second), but they were efficient, clean, professionally courteous to me and my family and really seemed concerned about doing a great job…you could see the pride in their work. Yesterday, the inspector came to sign off on our changes and I was surprised and very pleased when he tracked me down after his inspection and told me that this may be one of the best, all time, instillation he has seen and told me that no matter what I paid, I definitely got my money’s worth. Truthfully, that is not something you expect to hear from a permit inspector! Lastly, so far this seems like a great choice of units and installers. I can not tell you enough how good it feels in the house. Summer will be the true test, but so far, so good.

Please tell your team thank you for me and my family and thanks to you as well for guiding us through this process.

Very best regards,


Suzanne and Brian,

Rudolpho was here today to finish up the remaining items. He is very meticulous and he found that the charge was not right on Unit #1 and he tested with nitrogen, pulled a vacuum, and recharged the system. Most installers would not have taken that much time to make sure it is right. Your guys are not lazy.

I am very happy with the design and I look forward a cool dry summer inside the house. I think we made the optimal design choices considering that the house was built in 1992 and they did not do it right in the first place.

You are running a first rate operation and I continue to recommend you every chance I get. The problem is that most people don’t think about AC until they get hot in the summer. When I see the quality job you did in my attic, I know it is right. But most folks don’t really appreciate what they are looking at.

Please keep up the good work and send me reminders when it is time for inspections. I get busy and do not remember. If you have someone send me an email I will be happy to schedule the inspections.

Best regards.


After setting our electronic t-stat today before leaving the house, I got to thinking about how well our Central City Air system works. Now Maytag can take some credit for the condensing unit and Lennox can take some credit for the thermostat, but the main credit goes to you and Central City Air. The coil is very efficient, the installation was very well done and the service has been excellent.

So, I want to thank you again and let you know that I will be happy to tell any of your prospective customers that I am a CENTRAL CITY AIR FAN.

Inspector Tim with City of Houston called in and wanted to commend the crew (Rodolfo) for the job he did at Saltzman he said it was beautiful and the attic was tight. He said for Central City Air to continue the good work.


Suzanne this is we had a long conversation. You had called to chat after you all had installed an a/c system in my house…Well, since my PhD is in math and statistics, you can imagine that I am a number freak. Anyway, I just wanted to see how much this Lennox system saved me over last year, so I got the percentages for May of this year over May of last year and June of this year over June of last year. Both of these are corrected for the number of days in the billing period, so it’s the number of kilowatt hours per day per average high degree of temperature, so it’s correct as far as everything needs to be corrected for. I was quite surprised from May of this year over the old system. The kilowatt usage was 75% of what it was last year. I just go today’s bill and calculated it and in the month of June its only 71% of what it was last year, so I’m saving a pretty good amount and I only got the Lennox 13 SEER. I know that’s not as much savings as I might have gotten with the 14 SEER, but I thought that maybe the return on the actual investment might not actually be worth it. I’m delighted! Sometimes claims are made, and you just never really know until you test it. I just thought you might be interested in knowing that. I’m really please with you.

Received another wonderful COMPLIMENT today. The inspector called to let me know final passed. He said this was the best work he has seen in a long time! WOW!!! Installed complete system, flex duct, & 5″ Pleated for $13,308. Congratulations to Rodolfo & Roque. Also to Cesar, who helped out. 1 day. Sold by Brian. I think that really says something when the INSPECTOR takes time out of his busy schedule to call the office & give a compliment. Way to go guys!!!!!

I spoke with Mr. xxxxx yesterday and he could not say enough good stuff about CCA. He is going to call Tom Tynan & tell him what a great job Robert & the crews did. His job was a full system with a PMAC for $17,878 and we had to have it finished in 3 days & the guys came thru. Robert was out there with the crews also working his tail off. Crew Leader was Juan.

Pino, Rodolfo, Cesar, Santiago, and Mac all worked on this job. Mr. xxxxx said he is very hard to please but he was extremely pleased with CCA. Mr. xxxxx only found 1 small scratch on the wall in the hallway, but he was going to repaint the hallway anyway. Everyone was polite, very respectful of his property, and did not leave a mess. The equipment is very quiet, runs great, and everything is just wonderful. He’s really impressed with how little dust he now has. I told him I would pass along his compliments.


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