Q: I found your address on the internet from a radio broadcast in Dallas, Texas. The reason I am writing is I am curious about the two-stage coil. I have two Goodman units that were installed in 1994. I know my coils have never been cleaned and the HVAC has never been sealed. The units still work albeit less efficient.

The existing 1994 Goodman equipment is at the end of their designed life. Now is a good time to have a reliable air conditioning contractor look at your whole house and design systems to meet your needs within the home envelope. The quality of the installation is critical to obtaining maximum performance from any system. When you start the process it is a good idea to make your goal a top quality install job, with a smart designed system that uses well engineered equipment.

If your goal is to get the tax credit that is simple and very easy to obtain from anybody regardless of the integrity of the contractor. Think about the SEER shell game our Federal government is inviting you to play before you participate. Our founder David Debien always used to say do not design for SEER design for performance. Central City Air will not use any of the AHRI approved evaporator coil match ups except on the AccuComfort or Daikin inverter equipment. We focus on humidity removal in Houston, Texas. Energy rated equipment match ups may not meet the humidity removal requirements we need. So be sure to do your due diligence.

The split coil you asked about is a Central City Air propriety coil, designed by our Founder David Debien. They were designed specifically to work with the 2 stage condensers for maximum humidity removal. We only sell them to our customers in Houston.