Drain Lines and Pans — Water Backup

Your air conditioning system can drain 20 or more gallons of water per day. This water is carried by your drain lines and tied into the house plumbing system or to the outside ground to be drained. Those lines tied into the house plumbing are subject to serious clogging over time. Clearing drain lines in the house plumbing system is recommended if you have any water back up into your drain pan or flowing out of your secondary drain line. Call a licensed plumber as soon as you notice any of those conditions. Central City Air is not licensed to perform plumbing work. We do our best to clear the drain lines connected to the air conditioning cooling coil. Dirt accumulation on the cooling coil can result in clogged drain lines even with regular filter servicing. This dirt cleared must go somewhere and it will go into your house plumbing system.

The following information is to help clarify whom to call. Air Conditioning and Heating companies are not licensed to do plumbing work:

  • If your house drains back up and cause water to spill on the floor or ceiling, you need to call a plumber. We are not licensed to handle plumbing problems.

  • If your cooling coil backs up and overflows, the secondary pan usually will handle the water load. We recommend that you know where the secondary lines exit and what the signs are of an overflow condition.

  • It is sometimes necessary to have a plumber clean out your house drains every year.

  • Running the drain on the outside wall minimizes damage to the inside of the house from clogged drains. If the outside line becomes clogged, a plumber or Central City Air (since it is not tied to your house plumbing) can clean or replace the clogged sections of this line. If the water collecting on the ground is unsightly, we recommend installing a “French” drain to eliminate water ponding.