Important Information About Warranty Status

Urgent News: At Central City Air, we have always stressed the importance of proper annual maintenance on your heating and cooling equipment. The Warranty Terms paperwork states that they require proof of maintenance for any warranty claim. They seldom if ever asked the service company for proof of routine maintenance. Over the past few years Central City Air has been warning our customers who have a parts and labor warranty that proof of regular maintenance was going to be required. This year for the first time, warranty companies are demanding actual proof of maintenance with check sheets signed by you. “Without proof of regular maintenance the Parts and Labor warranty becomes null and void.”

Direct quote from a manufacturer’s Service Agreement: “All products covered by this Agreement require annual maintenance performed by Your servicing dealer or an authorized service technician. You or Your servicing dealer may* be required to submit proof of annual maintenance.Lack of annual maintenance or failure to provide proof of proper annual maintenance may result in denial of payment for claims under Your Agreement and or a cancellation of the agreement. You will be responsible for payments of denied claims due to the lack of annual maintenance”.

*This is no longer a “may” it is a “must”.


So, what does this mean for me, the homeowner?

This means that you will have to pay out of pocket, the cost of any warranty repairs if you cannot prove that routine maintenance was performed.

What exactly does “routine maintenance” mean?

Routine maintenance means that you schedule a visit from a qualified HVAC service technician to perform a Cooling and Heating check-up on any equipment that is under warranty at least once a year. Generally, the Cooling System check-up is performed in the spring/early summer and includes checking the outdoor condensing unit and indoor evaporator coil. The Heating System check-up is performed during the Fall/early Winter months and includes checking the furnace’s operation.

What are my responsibilities as the homeowner to maintain my warranty status?

As the homeowner, you are responsible for scheduling annual service maintenance on all equipment under warranty. We suggest keeping a copy of all service records in the event you should need to make a warranty claim. If you use Central City Air as your service company, we keep a copy of all invoices and paperwork on file for you.

What happens if I don’t perform regular maintenance?

If a covered component of your equipment fails and you cannot provide proof of maintenance, then the full cost to repair or replace the part will be your responsibility. You may also face cancellation of your warranty contract.

What happens when I need to file a warranty claim?

As part of the warranty contract, it is the consumer’s responsibility to contact the warranty claims center listed in your contract. At Central City Air we will contact them for you and provide the necessary proof of maintenance from our files. If you have not performed maintenance through Central City Air, it is your responsibility to contact the company who has been maintaining your system in order to submit the necessary paperwork yourself.

So I have to pay a service company to come out at least once a year to check my system? That sounds like a lot of added expense.

Regular maintenance has always been recommended by Central City Air. Maintenance shouldn’t be performed only to satisfy warranty claim requirements. Proper maintenance of your equipment makes sure that it is running to manufacturer’s specifications. It can also increase the system’s lifespan. Depending on the part, a warranty claim can add up to thousands of dollars. Proper maintenance keeps your system running properly and prevents you from having to pay a warranty claim out of pocket.


Central City Air provides a 1-year limited warranty on all install work performed.

Central City Air provides a 5-year limited warranty on all newly installed, accessible ductwork.

Central City Air also offers our customers the chance to purchase optional extended 10-year parts and labor limited warranties for all applicable equipment. For more information see below or contact our office at 713-861-1977.

CCA makes no express or implied warranty of any kind regarding the equipment, goods or parts, including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness or suitability for a particular purpose. CCA, to the maximum extent possible, will pass through the Complete Care or other limited warranty from the manufacturer. You agree that CCA’s liability under this agreement or under any applicable express or implied warranty for goods or services is limited to the repairs, parts and labor offered under the Complete Care or other limited warranty from the manufacturer.